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Looking to install a medicine cabinet in your bathroom? A well-installed medicine cabinet not only offers practical storage solutions but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. However, installing a medicine cabinet can be complex, especially if you lack the necessary tools, skills, and experience.

At OikoSystems, we offer professional and worry-free medicine cabinet installation services to ensure your cabinets are securely mounted and properly aligned. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to install all types of medicine cabinets, whether wall-mounted, recessed, or corner units. We use high-quality materials and equipment to ensure your medicine cabinets are installed correctly and safely. With our medicine cabinet installation services, you can enjoy a hassle-free and smooth installation process that will leave your bathroom more organized and visually appealing.


OikoSystems can assist you with a number of styles of medicine cabinet installation. OikoSystems:

Medicine Cabinet Installation


Oiko Systems can assist you with installing a new medicine cabinet in your home. Whether replacing an existing medicine cabinet or installing a brand new unit, our expert team is here to help.
Vanity & Medicine Cabinet


Most homeowners want their vanity to match their medicine cabinet. OikoSystems can be your one-stop-shop to handle both installations.

Benefits of Having US Install a Medicine Cabinet

Assembling furniture may seem like a daunting task, but the benefits that come with it are well worth the effort. Here are some of the benefits of having assembled furniture:

Vanity & Medicine Cabinet

Professional Installation

OikoSystems employs experienced technicians who have the expertise to install your medicine cabinet correctly. This ensures secure and reliable placement, reducing the risk of future issues or damages.

Double Vanity Installation


Our team can install your medicine cabinet quickly and efficiently, saving you the time and effort you'd spend on a DIY installation. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of your new cabinet sooner.

Medicine Cabinet Installation


Installing a medicine cabinet involves handling heavy items and potentially complex hardware. Our technicians have the necessary skills and equipment to handle these tasks safely, reducing the risk of injury or damage to your bathroom.

Vanity and medicine cabinet installation

Improved Aesthetics and Functionality

A professionally installed medicine cabinet can greatly enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom. We ensure the cabinet is installed at the right height and alignment, optimizing its use and visual appeal.

Vanity Installation

Damage Prevention

Improper installation can lead to wall damage or even a fallen cabinet. OikoSystems uses the correct installation techniques and hardware to prevent damage to your walls and ensure the cabinet is securely mounted.

Why Choose Oiko Systems

Frequently Asked Questions Medicine Cabinet Installation

The duration of a medicine cabinet installation can vary depending on factors like the type of cabinet (wall-mounted, recessed, or corner unit) and the current setup of your bathroom. However, with OikoSystems, a standard medicine cabinet installation generally takes just a few hours.

Absolutely! Our team at OikoSystems is skilled in installing all types of medicine cabinets, including recessed models. We'll carefully measure and cut the necessary opening in your wall, and then mount the cabinet securely to ensure a seamless fit.

At OikoSystems, we use specialized tools and techniques to minimize any potential damage to your walls during installation. We aim to install your medicine cabinet as cleanly as possible, preserving the aesthetics and integrity of your bathroom.

Yes, our team can handle the removal and disposal of your old medicine cabinet. We'll ensure it's done carefully to avoid any unnecessary damage to your walls. This is part of our comprehensive service to make the installation process as smooth and convenient for you as possible.


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