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As a homeowner or business owner in Arlington, VA, you know that maintenance and repair tasks can pile up quickly. From minor fixes to major renovations, finding the time, expertise, and tools needed to get the job done right can be challenging. That’s where our trusted handyman services come in.

At OikoSystems, we specialize in providing comprehensive and reliable handyman services to customers throughout Arlington and the surrounding areas. With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to tackle even the most complex projects. 

Plus, we only use high-quality materials and equipment to ensure every project is completed to the highest quality and safety standards. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget, and to your exact specifications.

Our Reliable Handyman Services

Furniture Assembly

Assemble Furniture

Furniture assembly can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you need the right tools or expertise. Our handymen can help you assemble your new furniture quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy your new purchase without the hassle.

Bathroom Tile Installation

Bathroom tile installation is another area where our handymen excel. Whether you're looking to update the look of your bathroom or need to replace some damaged tiles, we can help.
Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is an excellent way to upgrade the look of your kitchen or bathroom without the expense of a complete renovation. Our handymen can help you choose the right paint or stain for your cabinets and apply it expertly.
Handyman Services


Caulking is an essential maintenance task that can help prevent water damage and mold growth in your home. Our handymen can inspect your home for areas needing caulking and apply it professionally.
Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan installation is a popular service we offer that can help keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer months. Our team can help you choose the right fan for your space and install it safely and efficiently.
Built In Cabinets

Closet Shelving

Our handyman services can help you maximize your storage space by installing custom closet shelving. We'll work with you to design a solution that fits your needs and budget and ensure it looks great!
curtain rod

Curtain Rod Installation

Curtain rod installation is another area where our team can help. Whether you need to install new rods or replace old ones, we can get the job done quickly and efficiently.
Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

Drywall is a critical component of any building and keeping it in good condition is essential. Our handymen are experts in repairing and replacing drywall, whether a small hole or a significant crack. We use top-quality materials and techniques to ensure your walls look smooth and seamless.
Exterior Finishing

Exterior Finishing

The exterior of your home or office is just as important as the interior. Our Handyman Services can help you enhance the curb appeal of your property with professional exterior finishing services. We offer various options, from painting, staining an changing exterior trim.


If you're looking to hang pictures, our professional services are here to assist you. With our expertise and specialized tools, we ensure precise and secure installation, allowing your pictures to be displayed beautifully on your walls. Whether it's a single frame or a gallery arrangement, we've got you covered.
Handyman Services

Installing Molding

Installing molding can add a touch of elegance to your home, but it can also be difficult and time-consuming. Our handymen have the tools and experience to install molding quickly and accurately.
Bathroom Renovations

Install Water Fixtures

Whether you need a new faucet or a showerhead installed, our handyman services can help. We have the skills and tools to install water fixtures of all types and brands, ensuring they function correctly and look great.
Interior Doors

Interior Doors

Interior doors are often overlooked, but they can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home or office. Whether you need a new door installed or an existing one repaired, our skilled handymen have the expertise and tools to do the job quickly and efficiently.
Interior Finishing

Interior Finishing

From crown molding to baseboards, interior finishing can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. Our Handyman Services can help you achieve your desired look with professional interior finishing services. We'll work with you to select suitable materials and finishes to complement your decor.
Lighting Swap

Lighting Swap

Lighting swap is a simple way to update the look of your home and save energy simultaneously. Our team can replace your old, inefficient bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs, helping you save money on energy bills.
Vanity & Medicine Cabinet


With Medicine Cabinet Installation from OikoSystems, you can be confident that your medicine cabinet will not only function effectively but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Mount TV

Mounting a TV can be tricky, but our team has the expertise to do it quickly and safely. We can help you choose the suitable mount for your TV and ensure it's securely mounted on the wall.
Lighting Fixtures

Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed lighting installation is a great way to add more light to your home without the clutter of lamps and fixtures. Our team can install recessed lighting in any room of your home, giving you the perfect light.
Water Fixture

Repair Water Fixtures

Leaky faucets and showerheads can be a significant inconvenience, not to mention a waste of water. Our handymen can quickly diagnose and repair any water fixture issues so that you can return to your daily routine.
tile install

Replace Tile

If you're looking to replace tiles, our handyman services are here to assist you. With our expertise and specialized tools, we ensure a seamless and professional tile replacement. Whether it's a small area or an entire room, we have the skills to handle tiles of various types and brands, ensuring they are installed correctly and enhance the visual appeal of your space.
Vanity Installation

Vanity Installation

If you're in need of vanity installation, our handyman services are here to assist you. With our expertise and specialized tools, we ensure a professional and precise installation of vanities of various types and brands. Whether it's a bathroom vanity or a makeup vanity, we have the skills to ensure proper functionality and a visually appealing result.
Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell Installation

Video doorbell installation is a great way to increase the security of your home. Our handymen can install a video doorbell that lets you see and communicate with anyone who enters your door.

The Benefits of Handyman Services

Kitchen Faucets


A handyman is a skilled professional who can handle various home repairs and maintenance tasks. By hiring a handyman, you can avoid the hassle of figuring out how to fix something yourself or searching for the right tools and materials.


Many people have busy schedules and need more time to tackle home repairs and maintenance tasks. A handyman can come to your home and complete the job quickly and efficiently, saving you time and hassle.

gallery install


Handyman services are provided by skilled professionals with the expertise and experience to handle various repairs and maintenance tasks. Whether you need help with plumbing, electrical work, or carpentry, a handyman can provide the necessary skills and knowledge to get the job done right.

Recessed Lighting


Hiring a handyman can be more cost-effective than doing the job yourself. A handyman will have the right tools and materials, and they can often complete the job in a shorter time, saving you money on supplies and preventing costly mistakes.

Why Choose OikoSystems

Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT HANDYMAN SERVICES

Hiring a handyman is a cost-effective and efficient way to get your home repairs, or improvements done quickly and professionally. With their expertise and experience, they can quickly identify and fix problems in your home, saving you time and money in the long run. A handyman can also help you with small-scale projects that you may need more time or skill to do yourself.

The cost of handyman services can vary depending on the task type and complexity. However, most handymen charge hourly or flat fees for their services. The cost of the needed materials may also be included in the total price.

A handyman can help with various tasks, including minor electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, carpentry work, painting, drywall repairs, and more. They can also help with home maintenance tasks such as gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and yard work.

The duration of a handyman's task depends on the job's complexity. Minor repairs or installations can be completed within a few hours, while larger projects may take several days or weeks. However, a skilled handyman will always work efficiently to complete the job as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

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