Tips and Tricks to Making Your Oikos Look Refreshed on a Small Budget

Ever wonder how you can improve the rooms in your home on a small budget? I am here to tell you that even the smallest improvements make a tremendous difference in the appearance of your home.

There are several ways to do this in each room and I will outline the many ways to refresh quickly and cost effectively!

In the bathroom and kitchen, the top improvement in my opinion is CAULKING! I am sure you are at home wondering how caulking can change your kitchen and bathroom. It may sound so miniscule but a fresh bead of caulk can turn dingy and dull in to bright and clean within 30-60 minutes tops!

Another way to improve the kitchen is to refresh the tile backsplash. This is a quick way to modernize your kitchen and make a small change that will look modern and polished!

My last suggestion is consider swapping out fixtures with new ones to modernize and update. It is incredible how a new fixture can make daily tasks like washing more enjoyable.

Remember that kitchen and bathrooms are the most frequently used places in a home; these changes are sure to refresh and make you feel peaceful in your Oikos!

Are you ready to make some improvements to refresh your kitchen and bathroom?